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Commission Prices

All my commissions are quote based. Please inquire for further information.


Full Body Characters


Inquire for a quote estimate by sending an email, the complexity of the 
character and illustration will determine the total amount.

Terms & Conditions

  • Commissions are personal use only. We can discuss the commercial usage for the work. 

  • Payment is done through Paypal

  • These prices are estimates - Extra details such as intricate armor, major changes during the process and backgrounds will increase the price.

  • Payments are done 50% upfront and the other 50% when the commission is completed. If they are over 300 USD they can be done in more instalments.

  • All rates listed above are base prices for one character and each commission is quoted individually. The final agreement on the price will be discussed based on the particular attributes of your order.

  • If no visual references are given I’ll take creative liberty with the look of the character. - The more references you give me, the closer the artwork will match your request.

  • Any major changes in the process will increase the price at the end.

  • I might upload the finished artwork to my portfolio and social media unless you explicitly tell me not to, I reserve the right to print and sell all my art pieces including personal and commissioned work.

  • If you ask me to draw a certain object I’m not comfortable with or not have experience with, I get the right to decline.

  • You can only use the artwork in ways that will NOT result in further financial gain.

  • You may repost the artwork, under condition that I be credited with "Vin Werneck" and a link to one of my social media pages, or tagged where applicable.
  • You may not edit the artwork or remove my signature.

  • Commercial usage is infringement of my copyright and this is not allowed unless we have made an agreement beforehand.

  • Once accepted and the payment has been sent, you’ll be put into the current queue. If I can’t fit you in, you can be put on the waitlist if requested, and contacted again whenever you’ll be close to being moved into the current queue. 

  • You may cancel a commission at any point during the process  if the cancellation occurs after I have begun the sketching stage, the 50% deposit becomes non-refundable. Once a commission has been completed, the full cost is to be paid regardless of cancellation.

  • For private/personal use commissions, I aim to deliver the artwork within 1-3 months - so I advise to make your inquiry with that in mind! If you need the artwork by a specific date, provide it when inquiring and I will let you know if we can make it work. 

How To Commission?

Send me an email to (or use the form bellow) with detailed descriptions of your character(s) and commission references. Please state your Paypal email too if it’s different from your contact email

What to Include in your Commission Application:

please provide visual references for more specific items.

Commission type
Character Name
Age (or visual age - child, teen, adult, elderly)

Race and Class (if it's relevant to appearance)

Height, physical build and facial features

Skin color, Hairstyle, Hair color and eye color

Outfit, Armor, Items and  Weapons

Character pose and Illustration mood

Their personality and/or their backstory (brief)


If relevant, please include also:
Any specific dimensions/resolution that may apply. (particularly if intended for print)
Any possible deadlines that may apply. (please note that this is not guaranteed until I confirm)

Request a Quote

Please take a moment to fill out the form.

Thanks for submitting!

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